留뚯꽑쓽 湲곗겏쓣 留뚮겱븷 닔 엳뒗 븞硫대룄 꽕瑜댄븯렂뀡 엯땲떎.

꽕瑜댄븯, 쑀읇쓽 諛쒖퐫땲엯땲떎.

源붾걫븯怨 源⑤걮븳 媛앹떎怨 諛붾떎뿉 뼢湲곕 뒓굜닔 엳뒗 뀒씪뒪
젇痢듭쓽 꽑留앹씤 蹂듭링猷 떆꽕쓣 媛뽰텛怨 洹쇨탳 룷援ъ뿏 떛떛븳 쉶 빐궛臾쇱쓣
留덉쓬猿 뱶떎 닔 엳쑝硫, 뵲뒪븳 遊꾨궇뿏 媛踰뚯껜뿕룄 븯떎 닔 엳뒿땲떎.
洹몃━怨, 援щℓ빆 빐룍씠瑜 蹂 닔 엳怨, 굾떆 씠슜媛앸뱾 醫뚮굹 굾떆諛 뿰寃 媛뒫빀땲떎.

Clean, clean rooms and a terrace with a smell of sea
It is equipped with double-decker room which is the envy of young people.
You can have your own drink, and you can experience the tidal flats in a warm spring day.
And, you can see the sunrise in the purchase port, and you can connect fishing boats and fishing boats.

쑀읇쓽 諛쒖퐫땲 , 꽕瑜댄븯
吏쓽 룷洹쇳븿怨 諛붾떎쓽 룊솕濡쒖, 洹몃━怨 뿬뻾